Children are naturally inquisitive beings.  From a young age children learn by touch, which is why toddlers tend to put objects in their mouths, and by the time speech has developed the endless slew of questions has begun.  This natural curiosity about the world around them has its downsides, but it can also be a positive driving force in education.  In 1995 an educator named Bernie Dodge of San Diego State University (my Alma mater) developed a method of teaching which was inquiry-based and student-oriented.  The format of the method is simple in nature, but allows for the students to ask questions as they learn.  The lesson format is primarily internet-based learning and is called a WebQuest.

This week’s assignment was to work in a group with two fellow classmates and to develop our own WebQuest.  As a group interested in teaching middle/high school science we narrowed our topic down to the human circulatory system.  I invite you to click here to view our group’s WebQuest and to participate in the lesson.


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